What We Do

Since its inception in 2006, Clean Start of Anderson has strived to offer those living on the streets a way to clean up and start again. By providing laundering services, clothing, and basic hygiene supplies, we encourage our clients to better themselves. Our clients feel empowered knowing someone values and cares about them.

Serving an average of 150 clients a week, Clean Start does up to 45 loads of laundry weekly, allows clients to bathe or shave in one of our four showers, and supplies gently new or used clothing. In addition, we offer barbering supplies and telephone and mailing services.

Clean Start is staffed completely by volunteers. We are a huge outreach service to the Anderson community, but our continuation is highly dependent upon your support.


6 thoughts on “What We Do

  1. Hello,I’m danny romine I just wanted to say thanks for clean start they are nice people that work there in Anderson town down. Its greatful to have a showers and clothing wash..thanks clean start for everything y’all doing.

  2. Hi, I was just curious if your program offers assistance and help with single, homeless mother’s with children? Thank you

  3. This is a great program but where in Anderson can I stay. Me and my boyfriend are homeless but working.

  4. Now my name is Christopher Fitzgerald Rice,I try to do what I do when I’m on the duty job Of mine clean up back up man,I. Real love clean,I being think,hope of faith that it is gone To like change now.So tomorrow September 16,2019 Monday 7:30 am.One of you one are like a fan.Of mine,The United States Of America I’m gone to put you all to the test love,hate clean,nasty,dirty style,the test hate on me because westside it my spot,they block all the work of 18 wheel,the Christ out life church room I being to like straight pray you all are one show your own self to me now

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