Improving Our Community One Client at a Time

This ministry will, in the spirit of God’s call to compassion, serve the homeless, poor, and marginalized by providing facilities for them to achieve basic hygiene, cleanliness, mail and phone access, and to help direct them toward the availability of other services they may need.

We will help our clients feel better physically, improve their self-worth and confidence, and support them in improving their situations. Our staff of volunteers will treat clients with respect and provide a safe, welcoming environment to help them maintain a feeling of dignity through their daily
contact with others.


19 thoughts on “Improving Our Community One Client at a Time

  1. I would love to volunteer.i work full time thru the week but am available in the evenings and Saturdays. What are the hours of your facility ?

  2. Please help me. I will be sleeping on the street as of tonight. I’ve never been homeless. I am so scared. I don’t k ow what to do but ask for help please.

  3. My name is Michaella and I have currently become homless and I would like to know if anyone knows when they take people in and if they would pick them up?

  4. Do you need any volunteers? I volunteer at the library on Wed and Fri. I would love to have another day to volunteer.

  5. We left soaps, shampoos and lotions by the door. We volunteered at Clean if Heart in Columbia, SC inn the past and are interested in volunteering at Clean Start. Please contact us at your convenience. Thanks. Sharral and Tom Jensen

  6. Hello do you house individuals to get us off the streets where it’s not does a person who gets limited income find a home she can afford..8646719969

  7. We left 2 bags of clothes and shoes behind bushes beside the door. Hope you can use them.

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